about | Greg Schenk

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Greg Schenk has also lived in San Francisco and Denver. Seeped in surf, punk rock, art and tech, with a humorous aversion to pop culture, these are the conditions that inform his work. Decendent from a family of artists and technicians, adventurous people who were not afraid to travel far and explore.

His skillset/interests include but are not limited to; welding, soldering, machining, electronics, programming, silkscreening, painting, sculpting, mold making, woodworking, plastics, adhesives, 3D modeling, assemblage, music, theater, reading, gaming, comedy, politics, performance, travel, cooking, cycling, photography, fashion, nature, space, and time, people, orginizations, sensory preception, animatronics, and other arcana.

He has shown/perfomed on both coasts and in Europe, as well as many venues in and around Los Angeles. He prefers to exhibit at pop-up and short term events/perfomances.